S2E6 Christina Bennett, Rhonda Jones, and Megan Oxendine

April 2017, Police were called to an abandoned home on 505 PeachTree Street. The caller reported a strong foul oder coming from the property.

This particular house had become a sort of criminal landmark, over time hosting sex

workers and drug use alike. The owners of the structure reportedly had plans to renovate the property, but sadly those plans didn’t come soon enough. Police reports say that inside authorities found several pieces of furniture, trash, and waste present. When police began narrowing down the odor’s source, it led them a large media or tv storage cabinet, where they discovered the remains of a female, naked and wrapped in blanket.

Chief Officeer Michael mcNeill released this statement: “As police chief and

as a member of this community, I want to know what happened to

Christina, Rhonda, and Megan. I also understand there is a lot of

uncertainty, concern and even fear right now. Let me reassure you that we

are committed to finding out the answers. We hope the people of

Lumberton and those listening will help us,”

SOURCE LINKS g_lumberton_woman_abby/ 3-women omen_of_lumberton_north/ n/ d-indigenous-women/

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